Heartbreaking: Zinhle Jiane Allegedly Travels 16 Kilometers To School Everyday

Heartbreaking: Zinhle Jiane Allegedly Travels 16 Kilometers To School Everyday

The student’s family, and in especially her grandmother, provides the inspiration for the daily 16-kilometer journey that she makes into and out of school.

At six in the morning, Zinhle Jiane sets out on the journey that would take her eight kilometers to reach the bus stop that will take her to school. Zinhle Jiane gets up at six in the morning to start walking the eight kilometers to the bus stop where she will catch the bus that will transport her to school. There is still a significant amount of work left for her to complete before she can graduate from high school.

Zinhle Jiane, who is 18 years old and lives with her grandmother, Maria Mthimunye, in a small cottage, must get up every morning at about 4:00 in able to commence a fire in order to heat enough water for a bath. The cottage does not have running water or electricity, so Zinhle must get up early (78).

After a hasty breakfast, she begins her walk along the route at approximately six o’clock in the morning. Zinhle has to walk eight kilometers to get to the bus stop so that she can get a ride to Mafa Max Motloung Secondary School. This is despite the fact that her farm, Waaikraal, is only sixteen kilometers away from the town of Delmas. Zinhle is currently enrolled in the twelfth grade at Mafa Max Motloung Secondary School.

She walks the eight kilometers back to her house every afternoon after getting off the bus in the middle of the day. She walks the entire 16 kilometers (or 10 miles) to and from school every single day, regardless of the weather.

We have high hopes that the people of this country will be able to accept the reality of the situation and cast their ballots for the political party that will ensure that their children have access to safe and reliable transportation to and from school. This is a major cause for concern that must be dealt with in order for the individuals of this nation to be able to lead decent lives.

Please offer your opinions on how the local government might be able to better support this young lady someone in need of help and who must travel quite a distance.


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