Heartbreaking! Just after the votes, look what is happening already in Giyani. Pic went viral

Heartbreaking! Just after the votes, look what is happening already in Giyani. Pic went viral

The water crisis in South Africa is nowhere near ending. Rural areas are subjected to drinking unclean and unhealthy water. This is heartbreaking, as people continuously vote and put leaders in power to serve them. Unfortunately, nothing is changing, and residents seem to be on their own. Not so long ago, people were voting for councilors and mayors, without even a week past the elections, touching pictures of people suffering from drought and always having to travel long distances to fetch water are exposed. The struggle for black people continues, and their rights are being deprived of them. It shows that people vote for nothing since the ANC has been in charge, there are no changes in these rural areas, and the living conditions are traumatizing.

This picture shows the current scenes at a village called Giyani in Limpopo. It is without a doubt that the municipality in this region is owned by the ANC. People are forced to go the extra mile to fetch basic needs. Water is a need, no one can live without it. Hence, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that its people have access to adequate and clean water. There is a reason why there are votes, and leaders have to do as they promised, before being elected in power. Unfortunately, it is not only Giyani residents who are facing this water crisis. Other provinces have villages, and they are subjected to the same disaster.

In this picture, people using containers and wheelbarrows are spotted in a group, fetching water. Unfortunately, water is not always available, and this is survival of the fittest. Some can spend weeks without having access to water, and there is no timetable to show when the water is available or not. The blame is on the government, which should do better for its people. The ANC learned its lesson with the local elections, if the same mistakes are repeated, it will be disastrous come to the general national election.


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