He Is Disrespectful, I’ll Deal With Him – Angry Tito Mboweni Makes Threats Following This

He Is Disrespectful, I’ll Deal With Him – Angry Tito Mboweni Makes Threats Following This

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Former Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni has been criticized a lot for his culinary skills and dress sense. Mboweni has been turning the other cheek when the masses were having a field day attacking him, naming him the Minister Of Tin Fish.

However, it seems that the former cabinet minister has heard enough of the jokes about him, and has decided to put a stop to it, by making an example of one of South Africa’s favorite celebrities, Skhumba.



South African comedian Skhumba has joined the long list of Mboweni’s critics who want him to stop cooking and has made fun of Mboweni’s attire during his radio show.

Tito Mboweni

In September this year, Mboweni had sleepless nights due to Skhumba’s remarks and he decided to change his dress code after he was a talk of the town during Skhumba’s show.

Calling him a jester, which he is, Mboweni took to Twitter to demand Skhumba’s contact details, citing that he has heard enough of his disrespect and intends to teach him a lesson that he will not easily forget.

It appears that Mboweni has managed to find the comedian, and has threatened to deal will him, citing that he wants him to leave his cooking and shoes alone.

Public’s Comments

The masses are telling Mboweni that he is too old for what he is doing, that he should rather focus on getting a job than attacking everyone that is making fun of him.

Some are mocking the minister, saying that he should cook for Skhumba as punishment.

Author’s Opinion

Mboweni is giving Skhumba more ammunition to use against him. Comedians make fun of everyone and they get paid for it. Even former President Jacob Zuma and EFF leader Julius Malema were mocked by Trevor Noah but they laughed along.


Perhaps Mboweni will sue Skhumba for defamation of character? Was his reputation damaged due to Skhumba’s jokes? But a joke is nothing like spreading rumors to destroy one’s reputation.

The minister hates jokes and has no sense of humor. Especially when he is in the center of it all.

One wonders how this will unfold but Mboweni has to let it go. It is not that deep.

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