Grade 11 Learner Made Her Teacher An Offer He Could Not Refuse In Exchange For A Pass see chats

Grade 11 Learner Made Her Teacher An Offer He Could Not Refuse In Exchange For A Pass see chats

Now that the issue of younger ladies and as young as under the age of 18 especially the high school girls having romantic relationships with males which are way much older than them remains a huge uncontrollable norm in South Africa and it is also also causing too much confusion.Especially when it comes to who to blame considering a lot of human beings tend to blame the older one and accusing him of outsmarting the youngster into those type of relationships.

Well they say ‘ Each an each and every story is like a coin,It always has two sides and it is essential to observe all of them before concluding anything about the story ”

Judging by some leaked chats I came across last night on social media,It turns out that many people have been wrong by assuming that the teachers and adults dating this small girls whom are sometimes even 2 times younger than them are the one who started it.Truth is the so called young ladies are the ones who begin all that because they stand to gain certain things at most of those relationships,Take a look at what a grade 11 learner proposed to her teacher in the leaked chats below

Although one can look at this leaked chats attached above and say, The teacher should have just been a bigger person and reject this offer,Truth is somethings are easier said than done.And now the temptation are really too much meaning that as people we should just refrain from calling people names for dating younger girls especially when we don’t know how it all started.

According to my very own perspective as a writter I honestly think that, Those who have younger girls as kids should instead teach their kids some morals in order to avoid having such stuff in future,

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