Foreign thugs in the EFF: This post has caused a stir on social media

Foreign thugs in the EFF: This post has caused a stir on social media

We currently have a video with members of EFF from other countries that has caused a significant uproar on social media, and a lot of people are commenting on it. In the video, there were men who threatened citizens from South Africa by telling them that they would get them if they didn’t comply with their demands.

Some people believe that non-South Africans will soon take control of South Africa since non-South Africans are consistently offered opportunities to participate in many matters. In the video, they appear to be praising themselves for the things that they did in China City, even though this was not something that was truly required of them.

Many people will die as a result of what was said in the video because those people have never played People are saying that Julius Malema is allowing foreigners to join the EFF because his father is a Zimbabwean man.

A number of users on social media have expressed their opinion that the authorities had to locate those individuals and place them under custody prior to carrying out their plan. Because those people are there wherever we go, we have no idea where we could possibly hide from them.

It has been asserted that those individuals will never return to their homes again since Julius Malema is serving as their support system. This whole situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible since we do not have the financial means to be threatened by individuals who are not from our country.

We have been shouting that those individuals should go back to their homes, but it appears that no one is acting on what we have said.

There is no way people can threaten you while they are acting as if they could help. Julius Malema is also blamed on all of that.

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