Foreign national assassinated in front of his son last night. Here are all the details

Foreign national assassinated in front of his son last night. Here are all the details

While murders take place quite often in South Africa, and they are all tragic, some of the most heartbreaking murders are assassinations. When a person is killed not for there belongings or money, but because someone decided to take their life. Last night one of these assassinations occured, unfortunately the victims son witnessed the entire thing.

The man was a forty four year old Malawian National and according to his son, four suspects opened fire on him and his father without warning. While the boy was able to flee, his father was gunned down and had his own personal fire arm stolen.

RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa) was called it the scene on Rambo Khoza Road in Amaoti Kwazulu Natal at approximately 7:57. While medics and officers were dispatched, on arrival they found that the Verulam SAPS were already in attendance.

Medics examined the victim and found that he had been fatally injured. He sustained gunshot wounds to his back, chest and legs. A number of used 9mm cartridges were also found of the scene.

Unfortunately this is not the first assassination that has occurred and I don’t believe that it will be the last. However the fact that these criminals chose to commit the murder in front of the man’s son shows just how heartless they are. It also implies that it wouldn’t matter to them if the boy was caught in the cross fire.

It going to take a lot for him to get over this situation, however I hope that the Police catch the people who did this and at the very least bring him justice.

Hopefully the police puts together a task force to deal with the assassinations that are occuring in South Africa, However until than I urge people to take any threat on their life seriously.

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