16-year-old boy loses control of his vehicle and crashes in a house

16-year-old boy loses control of his vehicle and crashes in a house

Teenagers often get themselves in trouble every once and again. This time this young boy got himself in trouble that nearly cost him his life when he broke the law.

The Gaumed crew and Alpha Security & Alarms Pty Ltd both responded to a car accident in Birchleigh North.

One male patient needed advanced life support after suffering serious injuries. The patient was taken to a local hospital for additional medical care after being stabilised.

According to reports, a 16-year-old boy was driving the car alone when he lost control, struck a cyclist, and the car ended up in a house.

The local authorities arrived at the site to look into the accident.

It is pretty common for teenagers to steal their parent’s cars and take them for a drive. Even though it has not been confirmed who the car belongs to, the most certain thing is that the law has been broken. No one is allowed to drive a car without a valid driver’s license and you cannot get a driver’s license until you are 18 years or old unless you have a provisional license.

From the age of 16, applicants can submit a provisional driving license application. Valid for driving a moped or gearless motorcycle (with a capacity of up to 50 cc) from the age of 16, and from the age of 18 or older to you can apply for a license to drive any other type of vehicle.

The law is there for a reason and everyone should abide by it. There is a reason that the legal driving age has been made to be 18 years and older. Children who are exposed to driving skills at a young age and have access to car keys and cars should be monitored closely as they can easily get carried away.

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