Finally: Sources Reveal Which Level South Africa Will Move To Tonight

Finally: Sources Reveal Which Level South Africa Will Move To Tonight



The country has been buzzing for the past few days, people have been expecting the president to have one of his famous national addresses also known as the Family meeting to change lockdown levels. There have been many speculations. On what the president is likely to do and people are thinking that you going to move to level five of the lockdown but sources have revealed the truth.


It has been reported that after the country had had its meeting between the president of South Africa and the National Coronavirus command Council they have decided to keep the country under level one of the lockdown. This is very surprising for the country because they had thought that the harder and stricter lockdown was on the books.

It is said that the president will choose to ramp up vaccinations instead of moving the country to the higher level of the lockdown. It is not known how he will actually do this ramping of vaccination but it is said it’s the only thing that will change. This is very literal even after many people had thought they will lose their freedoms tonight when the president finally has his address.


It is quite obvious now that the country needs to try and make sure that they reduce the number of infections without being forced to. Now we’re wondering how the president’s going to make sure we vaccinate. They have also been called stew been understated people from certain places and it seems like it could work anyway. If the president however it chooses to ban unvaccinated people tonight it might cause more troubles than anything.

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