Exposed: This Is How Municipal truck drivers Are Stealing Government’s fuel, Here is the video

Exposed: This Is How Municipal truck drivers Are Stealing Government’s fuel, Here is the video

People in South Africa have been grumbling for a very long time about the fact that the majority of truck drivers that operate the country’s trucks are not locals. A few months ago, truck drivers in South Africa were griping and saying that they would deal with any foreigner they found driving a truck in South Africa. This was in response to a recent incident in which a foreigner was caught driving a South African truck. Many businesses find it advantageous to hire people from other countries because those people are more likely to willingly perform their work and to treat it with the respect it deserves. They believe that the local inhabitants get too used to their routines and stop demonstrating any expertise in their work.

After all of that, there is a truck driver in South Africa who was apprehended while taking diesel from the vehicle that he drives. According to the reports, a truck driver for Ekhuruleni Municipal was captured on camera as he was utilizing a conduit in his house to siphon diesel from the municipal truck into his own bottles. This man was confronted by a woman who lives nearby, who became enraged after seeing him and began yelling at him while recording him on film. This was a delivery truck that also cleans the dust bins that are located around town.

Residents of Ekhuruleni have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the lack of garbage collection in their neighborhood, citing the fact that it has been several days since their trash cans were emptied. They had no idea that the person driving the pickup truck was busy stealing gasoline that was supposed to be working for them. People’s disappointment in their leaders was evident after this information was made public via social media. These were the very same folks who are charged with looking out for society’s best interests. They were the ones that made the situation worse. Even more people claimed that these activities had been going on for quite some time.

People claim that municipal truck drivers sell diesel to individual customers. Some people went so far as to argue that this is the reason why truck owners hire people from other countries: that local folks are always seeking for anything to make them feel good about themselves rather than about society. In regard to this topic, what are your thoughts? Do you believe that it would be beneficial for South African truck owners to hire foreigners rather than citizens of the country?





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