End of the Road for Illegal foreigners sent to where they belong

End of the Road for Illegal foreigners sent to where they belong

So many African countries have policies to deport illegal immigrants, irrespective of nationality or race. In our South country, you raise issues of high influx of illegal immigrants you get populist demagogues, like Malema thinking we are xenophobic or have self-hate. The illegal immigrant must be deported as soon as possible. South Africa now doesn’t have National Pride anymore, we have been so diluted. These people are Economic migrants coming to already overpopulated South Africa with its own High Unemployment and why must government continue to force them onto us? While in Townships our people are neglected and not receiving Housing and basic services, while Rural areas are equally neglected to provide for new emerging informal settlements? While we are reduced to Xenophobic Daily in South Africa by Media and “woke” people, lying and selling our country to Foreigners, we will remain Resolute that Patriotism is not Xenophobia.

Today here in South Africa our Home Affairs is a mess, everywhere you go in our townships there are Somalians, Nigerians, Zimbabweans, etc. We have so many plenty foreigners running churches all over South African country. But our question is: How did these people enter South Africa? Who issued them with permits, ID, etc. What are the DG and the Minister doing?

You know a politician is arrogant when he tells immigrants to find a creative way of entering another country illegally. Honestly speaking South Africa doesn’t have an unemployment problem. Our problem is that employers are deliberately employing foreigners instead of employing well and able South Africans. South Africans are sitting at home because our government is failing to imprison those who break the law. I’m sure there are plenty of people here who will helpfully explain things to me, but how is advocating legal immigration xenophobic? SA’s borders are abysmally porous, and legal routes are in a nightmare. Fixing that and providing decent social services to qualifying residents is bad?


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