DJ Zinhle’s Baby Daddy Struggling With This Situation

DJ Zinhle’s Baby Daddy Struggling With This Situation

DJ Zinhle has a reality show, and on the reality show, she still is going through the journey of her pregnancy. The journey shows viewers the dynamics of her everyday life.

Now that she has two baby daddies, she has to find a way to make it work. She says she told AKA she was pregnant, and he was happy about it, and even said he was hoping for a girl. AKA and DJ Zinhle have a relationship because they share a daughter, and will be part of each other’s lives forever due to that.

She says her boyfriend, MurdahBongz has a relationship with her first daughter, who is fathered by AKA. She says AKA also wants to be of her 2nd daughter’s life, Asante. She says her boyfriend is giving her a hard time when it comes to accepting that they will have to be that kind of a relationship.

She says AKA is more accepting, and he said to have a relationship with their child. MurdahBongz has a relationship with Kairo, and AKA is just wishing to do the same.

DJ Zinhle has revealed that MurdahBongz is the one who is a bit reluctant. This is understandable because he is still not used to the setup. For AKA it was/ is easy since he has also moved on. DJ Zinhle says she thought AKA would be the difficult one, but it is actually vice versa.

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