Did The President Just Lie To The Nation Tonight

Did The President Just Lie To The Nation Tonight

President Cyril Ramaphosa has a Twitter account, but it is not known whether he is the one who personally handles his account. The account is active and only focuses on ANC, and presidential stuff.

The account never responds to any of those who reply to the tweets. It is just used to pass the message that needs to be passed.

Tonight, the President’s account tweeted about a letter that he received from a 6th-grade learner. Most people didn’t believe that the letter was written by a 6th-grade learner. However, some kept saying there is no learner who is in that grade who would write like that about the ANC. They called the President a liar and didn’t believe what he had said. Do you believe that a grade 6 learner would write this well? If this learner is going to one of the best schools then she is able to write this well.

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