Child Kidnapper Found Pushing Dustbin With 3 Children’s Bodies

Child Kidnapper Found Pushing Dustbin With 3 Children’s Bodies

A man who has been linked to the kidnapping of Bokgabo Poo, who was last seen in Wattville earlier this week, has been taken into custody by the Gauteng police.

When the young girl was taken from the park, she was four years old and had been there playing with a boy who was five years old and also from the same area.

Reports indicate that the guy was taken into custody this morning in Boksburg North when a local citizen spotted him in the area and immediately notified the authorities, who responded speedily to the request for help.

CCTV footage that was released online quickly went viral, and in it, the suspect in question could be seen walking alongside Bokgabo.

According to Colonel Mavela Masondo of the Police Department, the authorities are currently interrogating the man regarding the location of the four-year-old child.

During the search for Bokgabo on Tuesday, the mutilated body of a second child was found in Wattville. This child’s body was also found in Wattville.

It is not yet known for certain whether the body that was discovered belonged to the young girl who was four years old. However, the parents of Bokgabo who have been reported missing have had their DNA tested, and they are currently awaiting the findings so that they can decide whether or not the mangled body and body parts found were those of their daughter.


The suspect was beaten quiet somewhat so the he can be able to refocus his thoughts and be able to tell the officers what had really came over him, to cause him to fraternize with children and kidnap them.

These are individuals who must stay away from our society because they are a problem, it is unfortunate that there were three other bodies inside the dustbin he was pushing.


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