Celes who stayed with their partners when they were broke until they had money

Celes who stayed with their partners when they were broke until they had money

The actor is known to have had a rough upbringing as he lost both parents at a young age. Clement’s grandmother took over and raised him. The actor was an ambitious kid, as he went to college and studied law. It wasn’t easy, but he pushed himself. While working hard for himself, he had his girl Kemo by his side. Clement is in entertainment now, doing well for himself and he’s still with the same girl. The couple even welcomed a baby boy a few years ago. I believe building with your partner is good because it strengthens your love.

Shashi Elimhlophe and Ebony

The love story of the legendary singers is one of the most beautiful. In an interview, the husband shared that he met his wife at a concert where they were going to perform. Shashi elimhlophe shared that his financial situation was not good back then, but his wife loved him regardless. He shared that she paid for his driver’s license and they started working together as musicians and built everything they have now. So even if they’re broke, ladies don’t run away from those guys, help them and you might be the greatest couple.

Snoop Dog and Shante


The couple started dating in high school and later got married. Shante was there when Snoop Dog suffered setbacks in his musical career. She also stayed when he cheated, which she shared in an interview. They will be separated but still got back together. If this isn’t true love, then I don’t know what it is.

Ricky Rick and Bianca

Ricky Rick shared that he met Bianca in the early 2010s. That was the period when he was unpopular but still trying to break into the music industry. Ricky Rick also had a child from an ex-wife, and Bianca accepted both of them. In everything he has accomplished, his wife was by his side.


The rapper and his ex-wife started a relationship at a very young age. When he started his music career his former wife was there and has always been his biggest support system. Even the two have separated they still remain much close.







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