Celebrity Couple Divorce after a short time of marriage

Celebrity Couple Divorce after a short time of marriage

17 years of relationship goes down the drain.

An American singer and a songwriter who is known for an Adorn hit Miguel has hit the rock bottom in a relationship with his wife, Nazanin Mandi who is an actress and a model. Nazanin who is 34 years old and Miguel who is 35 years of age have been together for 17 years in the relationship.

They told the people news on Monday that they have separated. They dated for 10 years, an engagement followed in 2016. In November 2018 they got married in a place called Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California. They separated long ago and they decided to reveal it now, they are on good terms though. Miguel was once in an interview in 2016, he was ready to settle hence he proposed. This year 2021, was supposed to be their third wedding anniversary, sadly they have separated. Miguel wrote a message on Instagram Stories “What do you desire? Have certainty and clear intention about your desire. Clarity is key… Only take action on things that relate to, and excite positive emotion to your desire.” Mandi also wrote “Someone once said: ‘You know you have a big heart when you feel bad for doing what’s best for you.’ And I felt that.”

Before their split Mandi was in an interview and she was asked how did they keep a spark in their marriage during quarantine, she said “We were used to being around each other a lot, but then we were also used to traveling a lot,” she also said that “most of the times if you are not living together, there is an excitement of wanting to see each other again but since we were living together we had to do something for fun”. Fans on Twitter are feeling sorry for the couple but they are saying that Miguel’s next album will be a hit since it will be about a breakup and it will be something that he is feeling deep inside.

Miguel and Mandi have been in a happy relationship for quite some time before they got married. There is no known course for their breakup.





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