Breaking News: Papa Penny announces the passing of his mother

Breaking News: Papa Penny announces the passing of his mother

APA Penny mourns for his mother


Sources: Phil Mphela Twitter page

Papa Penny has taken it to social media to share with Phil Mphela about the news of passing his mother. Remember papa penny is in the middle of the season of the next season of his reality show. The show has been stated to be renewed in 2022. Papa Penny is known for his way of speaking the English language and his fans love him just the way he is because he is being natural. South Africans have seen Papa penny’s mother on his show since it started years ago from season one.

Papa Penny is one of the talented musicians in South Africa and I think he is not given the credit that he truly deserves. All the fans of Papa Penny will definitely remember his mother as a person who was very supportive of his son, and the way she use to advise him about life’s struggles. I will personally remember her mother on how she advised Papa to take a second wife years ago, other than she was a remarkable person. Papa Penny has lost big time.


Papa Penny will definitely share more news about how her mother was as a person because I think this upcoming season he will definitely dedicate it to his special mother. It is hard to lose someone you really love and someone who is always there for you no matter what you going through. Papa Penny’s life will definitely not be the same, the most important thing that he should always remember is that he is where he is today because of his mother. Papa Penny is also a legend himself, he has achieved so many beautiful things in his life that is why he should stay proud.

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