Before deleting the alleged post about Andile, Mihlali was dragged for saying this about his comments

Before deleting the alleged post about Andile, Mihlali was dragged for saying this about his comments

Mihlali damage born 9 November 1996 in kokstad KwaZulu-natal is a South African she is well known for her work in the fashion and beauty industry she belongs to South Africa she has a YouTube vlogger with many subscribers and awesome provides beauty tips and her skills.

Andile Mpisane is a South African born on the 15th March 2001 in Durban. He is the firstborn son of his mother Shawn Mkhize who is a respected and successful businesswoman in Durban South Africa. He comes from an affluent family and is closer to his mother than he is to his father.

Andile Mpisane caused havoc on social media after people saw a video of him kissing another woman in public instead of the mother of his kids. It’s alleged that Andile Mpisane has decided to engage another woman by the name of louw instead of his baby mama. A lot of people couldn’t believe it because they thought the person Andilr was going to marry it’s his baby mama, but he didn’t do that but decided to do the opposite.

And obviously after what Andile did a lot of people will want to say something it was unbelievable. And Mihlali was one of those people who broke the silence and later deleted her post but it was too late as evidence was already gathered.

Though Mihlali didn’t specify who she was talking about on the post she took to her social media account and wrote IM TERRIFIED OF MEN. People just assumed that she is talking about Andile, that’s when people started dragging her. Some people even told her that when they gave her R50 000 allowance she was not terrified of them, but now that Andile did the unthinkable by deciding to marry someone else instead of someone they wanted man are terrifying.

They continue to say And the other thing if it was done by a woman it was going to be ok, but now because it’s done by Andile people are talking too much.

I guess Mihlali couldn’t handle the humiliation she then decided to delete the post, she allegedly shared about Andile. Below are some of the comments gathered before deleting her post.

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