Another Township Shutdown, See What Illegal Miners Did In Ermelo

Another Township Shutdown, See What Illegal Miners Did In Ermelo

Many people believe that the problem you are having in South Africa is caused by foreigners. As a result, many people have questioned the reasons why foreigners are still allowed to live freely in South Africa despite the fact that they are involved in virtually all of the crimes that take place in the country.

If you can remember back to the time of the xenophobic attack, which was an attack initiated by South African citizens against immigrants with the intention of expelling them from their nation, please do so. Despite the fact that it was not particularly effective, many people were able to see the wrath and frustration that the people of Mzansi were feeling.

Illegal miners are said to have begun a violent protest after the arrest of members of their group, which was said to contain approximately 30 Zimbabweans, 92 Mozambicans, and 11 Swazi illegal Zama Zamas. This information comes from multiple sources that have been verified more than once. They also carried out an assault on Wesselton and made threats toward learners and teachers.

After hearing this news, a lot of people had a lot of different things to say about it. Some people said that the police should put an end to this, while others said that illegal foreigners should be arrested and deported as soon as possible before they do any damage to society.

As things stand right now, illegal foreigners are gaining momentum day by day and should be stopped in order to avoid further in the future. In my opinion, our police force has deteriorated to the point where illegal foreigners believe they can challenge them and still go home freely.

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