Another Lockdown Looming: See Why South Africa Might Go Back To Level 5 Soon

Another Lockdown Looming: See Why South Africa Might Go Back To Level 5 Soon

Things are getting from better to worse as cases of coronavirus being reported daily are increasing so rapidly. Remember it has been confirmed that South Africa is already on the 4th wave and it is not really good. Masses are concerned by the number of cases that are being reported. It’s almost two years since the first case of the corona was detected in South Africa. Yesterday it was confirmed that cases confirmed were up to three million. It marked three million cases reported with more than eight thousand people who succumbed to this virus. Many can tell how terrifying that is especially to those who lost their loved ones due to this.

Millions of people worldwide were badly affected by this virus. Yesterday South Africans were left in disbelief after the rapid increase of coronavirus cases. From eleven thousand cases that were reported on Thursday to more than sixteen thousand cases being reported than is an increase of more than six thousand cases. Yesterday were reported and only twenty people succumbed to this virus and that is really heartbreaking to their family members as death tends to leave people heartbroken.

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare a person for death. Due to this rapid increase of cases being reported daily South Africa might be taken to another Lockdown. We are amid festive seasons where many people tend to go to gatherings. We are all aware that it is really difficult to follow all regulations at gatherings as people tend to be in a happy place and pleasant moment. Maintaining social distancing gets hard for masses including the issue of wearing masks a. These gatherings will contribute to another rapid increase in coronavirus cases being reported.

If cases continue to increase the government might be forced to send the country back to national lockdown as a way to curb the spread of corona. This might affect many people in terms of their jobs. It is advisable to the masses to continue following all regulations as a way to ensure that they are safe from being infected. You can share your thoughts and follow for more news.


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