Andile Jali is a family man, Take a look at his beautiful children

Andile Jali is a family man, Take a look at his beautiful children

It’s inspiring to watch famous young people prioritize their loved ones. Andile Jali is the kind of person who can teach young people like you the value of family and the need to protect it.

Nonhle Ndala, a midfielder for the Mamelodi Sundowns, had his second child with a different mother in 2015. Andile allegedly has four kids by two separate women. His son is from a previous relationship. He eventually settled down with Nontle Ndala, and the couple now has three young children.

Andile is a very happy parent, as he has two boys and two daughters. In 2015, the year of Amahle’s birth, the couple experienced relative tranquility. Andile and Nonhle’s family now consists of three young children as of this writing.



The midfielder, at 31 years old, is a doting parent. However, it has been verified by credible sources that he and Nonhle’s mother split in 2020 following a tumultuous marriage. Andile is devoted to providing for his family, yet he still finds time to boast about them online.

Andile Jali can be seen above, pictured with his kids. Andile is not like the many young men and women who, after having a fight with their mothers, abandon their obligations and their children. The Mamelodi Sundowns midfielder is excelling at everything he does, including his new position as a father.

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To witness such a young man step up and take charge of his family is inspiring. He is an outstanding example to follow. Andile is setting a good example for young people by putting his family and children ahead of everything else.

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