ANC Invested So Much In Malusi Gigaba: RET Cde Says

ANC Invested So Much In Malusi Gigaba: RET Cde Says


ANC comrade aligned to the RET faction has argued that the ruling party invested so much in former minister, Malusi Gigaba to try and dissuade him from contesting at the conference.

Gigaba is eyeing the secretary general position, but after he announced his availability to contest, reports emerged that Zondo want him investigated for corruption based on the allegations made by his estranged wife Noma Mngoma.

All along Malusi Gigaba has been quietly working the ground, and travelling to different provinces and holding meetings with the youth league of ANC. It is said some branches nominated him to avail himself for the secretary general position.

“The ANC invested a lot in Malusi Gigaba, even those who judge him based on petty issues than his capacity to lead not in government, in politics, very few who can match him here but have a lot to say about him,” said Mfoka Jobe.

He adds that his opponents did not just leak Malusi Gigaba’s private parts for fun, or drag him to the Zondo commission of enquiry for fun, but they did so because they wanted to tarnish his image before the conference, so they could say he does not qualify.

“They didn’t hunt his ex-wife to talk lies and stupid things against him for fun, they saw something we are still struggling to see about him, he is a congressman,” he said.

Even though the recommendation by Zondo Commission that Malusi Gigaba must be investigated with the possibility of a prosecution seem to have been a strategic plan to make him unable to contest, his supporters argue that he will go to the conference.


The ANC conference is fast approaching, and some comrades feel those who are scared of being elbowed out power are implementing tactics to make sure their opponents does not set their foot at the December national conference.

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