Amanda Dupont’s Husband Left A Sh0cking Strong Message For JubJub

Amanda Dupont’s Husband Left A Sh0cking Strong Message For JubJub

JubJub didn’t seem to do himself any favors by attending the MacG podcast. Instead, he drew a lot of attention to himself. He also caused a lot of problems for himself. He believed he was going to reveal other persons or celebrities who had wronged him. JubJub appears to have shot himself in the foot by inciting so much difficulty for himself.

When JubJub revealed that he and Amanda dated before he started dating Kelly Khumalo, many were taken aback. He said that the two of them dated for three years and that they remained together at one point. He also admitted that he cheated on Amanda Dupont with Kelly Khumalo, which is why Amanda dumped him after learning of his infidelity. He claimed that after finding out, she quickly left the hotel where they were staying together and that their relationship ended as a result.

Amanda isn’t somebody who has a lot of publicized scandals or problems. She, on the other hand, took to Instagram to reveal that JubJub had sexually and emotionally assaulted her. He has also allegedly physically mistreated her, according to her.


Amanda is now married, and her hubby must be the most devoted husband on the planet. Shawn Rodriques is her husband, and he is showing up for her and supporting her. He called JubJub a swine and expressed his desire to see him burn in hell.

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