A retired teacher was killed after receiving pension of R2.7 million, The family suspect the husband

A retired teacher was killed after receiving pension of R2.7 million, The family suspect the husband

13 September 2022 || Mlu Doncabe

Source : Ilanga newspaper

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A very sad and touching story, the body of a missing woman, was recovered after four days she dissapeared last Monday, her car was also found abondoned in a place called Ingogo located in Newcastle, according to the source, the family is pointing finger to her husband.

Cynthia Mtshali (61) from Abor Park in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal took her pension in her duties as the teacher on May 2022 and she recieved R6.7 million as she has spent lot of time serving for the Department of Education from the 1993 to 2022.

The source revealed that Mrs Mtshali didn’t return home after she went to deposit the church money into the bank because she was also the treasury from the church.

A family member who is the younger brother of the decease Sbongiseni Mtshali told the source that, on their confusion the whereabouts of their sister, they recieved a call from the police telling them that her car was found at Ngogo , he went on saying when they arrived where the car was found, they have found her cellphones but her bag was not there, he said the husband must be something he know about the death of his sister .

I quote ” My sister was working at Nquthu and she took her pension and she recieved R2.7 Million, but the way my sister was broke, it was surprising. If I questioned her about the money she was telling me that the money is going to be available soon. She was just borrowed money from me. I suspect that her husband took all the money and go as he is not reachable through the phone if we try to contact him “, Sboniso said.

He went on saying the pastor went to check where he was renting a room but he’s belongs are no longer there and the neighbors told him that it been over two weeks he’s no longer living in the area.

Police spokesperson in KwaZulu Natal Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo told the source that the murder case has been opened and police are working tiresely to arrest the suspect.

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Utholwe eseyisidumbu uthisha ophunyelwe wu-R2.7 million

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