7 Most Educated Countries In Africa See Where South Africa Is Ranked

7 Most Educated Countries In Africa See Where South Africa Is Ranked

Literacy is the cornerstone of a country’s advancement, social development, and economic development. Reading and writing skills open up additional educational and employment opportunities for people, helping them to boost their household incomes and lift their families out of poverty. The top literate countries in Africa are mentioned below.

1. Seychelles.

Seychelles is Africa’s first country to have a high literacy rate for both men and women. The UNESCO rules are rigorously followed. Establishing free primary education, improving the quality of early education, improving adult literacy, and ensuring gender equality in all educational institutions are only a few of these guidelines.

2. South Africa.

This country, which is situated near the continent’s southernmost point, is considered the most popular. The country is ranked 84th in the world in terms of education, and it has one of Africa’s best educational systems.

South Africa has a literacy rate of above 95%, largely among adults, since younger people have experienced a reduction in education.

3. Mauritius.

Following independence, they continued to adopt the British education system, which has had a significant impact on the country today.

The country, a riverine land flanked by the Pacific, promotes tourist activities and education development. With an estimated literacy rate of roughly 84.40 percent, the country deserves to be ranked third on this list.

4. Tunisia.

This is the Arab country with the most educational system in Africa, ranking fourth-best on the continent and 71st in the worldwide education system rating 61.4 points.

Both the government and private individuals have invested heavily in the country’s education system. This places the country 49th in terms of school life expectancy and 51st in terms of pupil-to-teacher ratio in elementary education.

5. Kenya

Another famous African country on the list is Kenya, which is most renowned for its wildlife, which accounts for 70% of the country’s tourist revenue.

The Kenyan legislation defines an 8-year basic school curriculum. Kenya’s administration has worked to improve the country’s educational situation.

6. Algeria

The country, which is located in North Africa, is ranked 88th in the world for educational systems. With 57.4 points, the country is also ranked sixth in Africa.

Kenya’s government has worked hard to ensure that more than half of the country’s 41.3 million people are literate.

7. Ghana.

In terms of education, Ghana is placed sixth among African countries. Every citizen between the ages of 6 and 16 is required to acquire an education, according to the country’s norm.

This, combined with the fact that the country now has many high-quality schools, has helped them maintain their position as Africa’s top education system.

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