67 men behind bars: 2 shot dead after the gang rape of 8 women, could it be foreigners?

67 men behind bars: 2 shot dead after the gang rape of 8 women, could it be foreigners?

67 suspects are behind bars following the rape of 8 women at a mine dump in Krugersdorp. The women form part of the crew who was there to shoot a music video. Police minister Bheki Cele said two suspects were shot dead after resisting arrest.

Community members, speaking to the eNCA reporter, Nqobile Madlala, have raised safety concerns in the area. The community of Krugersdorp is a very old community but they are saying that safety issues has been a problem for quite some time. They say they have asked the minister to come to the community not so long ago and non of that was answered by the office of the minister. They are saying this has been an issue the community has faced for far too long.

Community leader, Nicole Trom, speaking to eNCA reporter said that the community of Krugersdorp wants their safety and they are asking for the Minister to bring in military soldiers because the community is up against the ex-military soldiers from another country, and the police don’t have the capacity to handle these ex-military soldiers who are heavily armed and well resourced. She said the weapons these people have the police can’t handle.

Nicole Trom also said that she has been living at Krugersdorp for 3 years and she has seen the worst.

The people who lived longer than Trom said the place was very peaceful until Besotho nationals started folking in and the peace was just a thing of the past.

The sort of crimes that happens in this area is totally gruesome according to the community members.

“We are not talking about crime, we are talking about terrorism. We speaking of brutal murders where by they make sure that they take your eyes out, your nose out, your body parts. They usually chop you when they kill you. We talk about gang rapes, not by one but many continuesly by a number of men”. Says Nicole Trom

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