4 Zimbabweans allegedly shot dead by Basotho nationals

4 Zimbabweans allegedly shot dead by Basotho nationals

A sad update was issued by the eNCA news regarding the deaths of four people who are alleged to be Zimbabwean nationals. The eNCA news reporter , Silindelo Masikane reported that the four Zimbabwean nationals were shot and killed in the early morning hours of Sunday morning at a tavern Silindelo highlighted that the fatal shooting took place in Jerusalem, which is in the West Rand .

Another update that was issued by the eNCA reporter was that the Zimbabweans were allegedly shot dead by people believed to be BaSotho nationals . Some community members alleged that this could have been another conflict of the zama-zamas in the area.

The illegal miners who are called zama-zamas are popular in South Africa for reportedly breaking the laws of the country. Some carry unlicenced firearms , and some are even in the country illegally. This tragic incident which saw the loss of four lives needs to be probed by the police so that they get the answers to the questions that have arisen.


Some of the questions that may arise include in uncertainty on who will be killed next and when the killing may likely happen again. The members of the community are also left worrying over their safety in West Rand as it is unknown whether more people will be shot and killed by the perpetrators.

Law enforcement authorities need to work around the clock to stop the killers before another crime and more people get killed . Since no arrest has been made yet , the communities of South Africa are not safe as the killers are still roaming on the streets.

The killings in Jerusalem show how dangerous the zama-zamas are , since they are alleged to be the ones who shot the Zimbabwean nationals .


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