21 Years Old Grade 11 Learner Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing And Killing Another Learner

21 Years Old Grade 11 Learner Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing And Killing Another Learner

JOHANNESBURG – Following the murder of a grade 11 student, students at Qalabotjha Secondary School in Vlakfontein, south of Johannesburg, will get counseling.

On Thursday, the child was fatally stabbed after a fight between several teenage males outside the school.

The boy passed away while receiving medical care at a nearby clinic, according to Steve Mabona, a spokesman for the Gauteng Education Department.

“Police are looking into the circumstances surrounding this incident because there are claims that gangsterism may have played a role in this incident. We want to offer the deceased’s family and the entire school community our sincere condolences.”

A grade 11 student who is 21 years old has been detained in connection with the stabbing incident, according to Gauteng police.

“The student was taken to the closest hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A fellow student was detained by police while they were looking for the suspect and has since been charged with murder. The detained student is scheduled to show up in front of Lenasia Magistrate Court soon “said Mavela Masondo, a spokesman for the police.

A twitter page by the user name of ” Vehicle Trackerz @ VehicleTrackerz ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

And captioned ” A 21-year-old learner who is in grade eleven has been arrested for the alleged fatal stabbing of a fellow learner in Vlakfontein Gauteng.

Preliminary info suggests that a group of boys were fighting outside the school premises on when a 20-year-old learner was stabbed ”

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