Zoleka Mandela Reveals Why Her Kids Use The Mandela Surname

Zoleka Mandela Reveals Why Her Kids Use The Mandela Surname

This is something that has puzzled many South Africans for a number of years now. They always wonder why every Nelson Mandela’s Grandchild is using his surname.

Zoleka Mandela, who is a South African writer, activist, and Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter. She is also Winnie Mandela’s Granddaughter and Zindzi Mandela’s daughter. She has written and spoken about her addictions, her children’s death, her own battles with breast cancer, and depression.


She is currently pregnant with her 6th child and sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers on social media. She is very active on social media and responds to her followers at all times. Yesterday she responded to a follower who added the Mandela Surname to her unborn child’s name. She said the child’s surname will depend on the father’s side of the family they will be paying damages. She said all her kids use the Mandela surname because they were never paid damages for. She says she also uses her Mandela surname because she was never paid damages for.

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