Zandile Mafe was Honorable today, Here is how he entered the Court Today

Zandile Mafe was Honorable today, Here is how he entered the Court Today

The accused in the burning of the Parliament was appearing again in the court of law. It appears as this court of law has added so many changes to this man. Now he is facing so many problems as he continues to spend his time in the court of law in the meantime.

What people spotted in the meantime, is the fact that this man is now clean and appeared in the court of law in a clean manner. That’s what happens in the meantime. Many people are now suspecting something as this man appears to be clean in the meantime.

I think what was done to this man for him to appear in the court of law being clean is a good idea. He has gained regained his confidence as a black South African. That’s how black South Africans should also be all the time, they appeared fine.

I personally think this man must at least get bail and attend his court when he is from outside like many other people. His attending from insides brought many views into the public. Many people end up thinking that this man might have done these things at some points, that’s how it is.

At first, when he was seen in the court of law and on the day he was arrested he was seen as a dirty person and was described in many corners of South Africa as a homeless person because of how dirty he was.

We must congratulate all the people who got involved in assisting this man to be clean. They regained the confidence of another black person and to the other direction. We wish that when these cases are over, he no longer goes back to the streets at all material times, things are always like that.

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