What the ANC did to the community of Tshwane today left everyone in disbelief

What the ANC did to the community of Tshwane today left everyone in disbelief

Comrade President, CyrilRamaphosa is in Tshwane today. Since the advent of democracy, the ANC has made great progress in meeting people’s basic needs and improving the provision of education, healthcare, and other services like electricity and water. We will do more.

Whilst much needs to be done, many of our people’s lives have changed for the better over the past years. Millions have houses, electricity, access to clean drinking water.

We’ve broadened access to basic education for 10 million learners in 20 000 no-fee schools. Provided meals through the National School Nutrition Programme for close to 10 million out of 12 million learners. In Tshwane today to speak to our people on doing more

our public schools in Rural S.A and Townships are not feasible in building next-generation independent minds. ANC government is comfortable with inequality of education, black South Africans are getting subpar education while Ministers’ children are in Private schools.

Unemployment is 40%, potholes in every town of South Africa, some people still lack water, on that post, you failed to feed learners in schools, Section 27, and other civil organizations had to take you to court, so don’t come with lies here unprovoked.

You are the government of the day. Say something else. Do you call this system “Education “? Trying hard to get votes. You know the truth. I know you are smart.


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