“We Are Not Safe Under Your Presidency” Man Says There Are Saboteurs In Ramaphosa’s Govt

“We Are Not Safe Under Your Presidency” Man Says There Are Saboteurs In Ramaphosa’s Govt

A social media influencer and commentator, with Twitter, handle Africa Renaissance, have revealed that there are saboteurs in the ruling party and in the government. He informed President Cyril Ramaphosa that people are no longer safe under his presidency, and this is his statement is supposed to be a wake-up call for the president. The well-known critic of President Cyril Ramaphosa said that president Cyril Ramaphosa lacks the ability and willpower to unravel these saboteurs who are bent on sabotaging the government. He wrote, “Mr. President @CyrilRamaphosa,

We do not feel safe under your Presidency. We agree that we have saboteurs within and without your party, but you have consistently lacked the gravitas to consummate the sabotage.

Kindly locate just one decisive leadership bone in you. South Africa Citizen”.

Another social media user said that he made a similar post some time ago, saying that the president is not in charge of this government. The man who goes by the name “commander” on Twitter said that the government has been hijacked, and president Cyril Ramaphosa himself knows he is not the one in charge of the government. He declared, “I shared a thread about how Cyril Ramaphosa is not in charge of South Africa, even though he can wish to. Man is owned, if he can try to pull the plug it will be over with him”. Some South Africans believe that the fire that gutted the national assembly building today is works of sabotage within the government. They believe that the fire is not a product of mere coincidence. Some people are also saying that Eskom is suffering from saboteurs as well. Nevertheless, this social media critic is lamenting that although it is obvious that there are saboteurs in the government and the ruling party, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inability to fish them out is causing more harm than good.

This Man stated that until president Cyril Ramaphosa fishes out these saboteurs and deal with them decisively as he always says, he can never be in charge of the government. The man further disclosed that people are no longer safe with Ramaphosa being the president, disclosing that the president may not secure his second tenure. He was once quoted as saying, “Should terrorists target SA we are finished! Other nations are watching us with a sense of shock and opportunistic elements are salivating”.



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