Watch: Video of a Cash-In-Transit Robbery in Mpumalanga Leaves People Traumatized

Watch: Video of a Cash-In-Transit Robbery in Mpumalanga Leaves People Traumatized

A video of an alleged Cash-In-Transit robbery has been posted on social media, and it recently took place in Mpumalanga. It was said to have taken place on Whiteriver /Numbi Road, in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. The robbers were heard shooting sporadically in all directions, as commuters and road users could be seen in panic shouting and pleading for their lives. It is baffling because this particular Cash-In-Transit robbery took place on a busy road with numerous commuters watching. It shows that criminals are no longer afraid in the country. In another incident that happened yesterday, “Three Zimbabwean nationals including a female have been arrested after being found in possession of blasting cartridges and explosives in Benoni. EMPD tried to stop the suspects’ vehicle, but they refused and a chase ensued. They lost control of the car and crashed into a barrier”. These explosive devices are usually used in bombing Cash-In-Transit vehicles and ATMs, and cashes carted away.

Shortly after the Cash-In-Transit robbery, the vehicle conveying the cash could be seen lying upside down after it was blown upside down. The rate of Cash-In-Transit Robberies in the country is increasing, and several cases are reported yearly. Often times, casualties are recorded. Recently, police have been arresting suspects with different kinds of explosives. Even today, some people were also arrested after they were caught with explosive devices. South Africa police posted this via their official Twitter handle saying, “#saps GP Intel driven sting op leads to the arrest of alleged supplier of explosives to illegal miners. 2 Suspects, a man, and a woman, were arrested in Putfontein on 10/08. #SAPS seized the explosives as well as their vehicle”. These explosives and IED are used to perpetrate heinous crimes. The police is working tirelessly to eradicate this; however, more efforts are still required.



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