WATCH: Robbers steal a car in 10 seconds without breaking in

WATCH: Robbers steal a car in 10 seconds without breaking in


Nowadays theft and high jacking have taken a new shift. There are many instances where your car can be stolen without your knowledge. The method that was used to steal this car is an anti locking system. It prevents any automatic car from being locked. This technology is hard to beat especially when you are driving cars such as Ford Rangers which have a poor security system. Luckily the driver was out of sight by the time they stole his car. If he had seen the robbers trying to steal his car, he would have tried to stop them, thereby putting his life on the line.

Here are some reactions to this:

“Whatever these thieves used to steal the bakkie doesn’t matter what matters is that after seeing thing this ,one of you will still go and purchase this kind of vehicle the next day.”

“Either they used an decoded master key or if the bakkie has a keyless entry or push to start system, they would use a transmitter which amplifies the signal of the owner’s car keys and the vehicle would think the key is close by and the car would be easy to start.”

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