Viewers are angry about this drama,Gomora

Viewers are angry about this drama,Gomora


The social media platforms were starting to get a lot of reactions about how the storyline that Gomora has produced this day where they think that the producers must come up with a new storyline, that can keep them seating on the couch and watching the drama playing every day.

The ghost of Don is something that viewers are not happy about and they are looking for more stories that can make Zodwa and her children deal with real things, and maybe if they can bring Don back will be something that can make many people happy and keep watching the show.

It has been a hectic month for Ntokozo we’re he has been trying to take care of Mazet who is staying in a wheelchair.

But the matter is getting more difficult every day because Mazet does not need help from Ntokozo after the guy has done everything in his power to bring her into the house.

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