Uzalo; Find better story Writers, What happened to Mamlambo & Hlelo’s infant abandonment Court Case?

Uzalo; Find better story Writers, What happened to Mamlambo & Hello’s infant abandonment Court Case?

Uzalo is in the heat these days as Njeza Xaba is seen almost daily attacking Nosipho. That has caused huge talks about GBV in South Africa. But there is a storyline that Uzalo writers are taking for granted. The one that involves Mamlambo and Hello and the abandonment of an infant.

It seems the writers of Uzalo will not emphasize much on the seriousness of abandoning a baby in South Africa and show South Africans what truly happens when one is caught after the abandonment of a child as they have emphasized on the GBV matter, which is good and applaudable.

In SA it is against the law to abandon an infant and when one is caught they are charged with Murder. That is 10-15 years in prison.

We, as the audience no longer get the seriousness of Hello’s act and the storyline feels like a pass by while it is a serious offense that is taking place in regular times in South Africa.

It totally looks like they will be no court case for the gruesome act of crime.

On Mamlambo. Mamlambo found an abandoned baby and kept the child as hers. This is a criminal offense on its own, simply because there are departments in place for such things and the police are the first people to be contacted if this happens.

The way Mamlambo was negotiating with Mondli about the community service that was sentenced to her, it felt so unreal for the kind of trouble that she is in. Working for a couple of hours at a police station is nothing in parallel to the act of finding a baby and keeping it.

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