TV host husband opens up at his wife funeral: HEARTBREAKING

TV host husband opens up at his wife funeral: HEARTBREAKING

In life, losing a loved one is painful but losing a mother, a wife who is a pillar of the family is actually more painful. Nothing can comprehend that, though years may go the pain will always be there. It is worse when a man loses her husband, someone who has been his life partner for years, sleeping and waking up next to them.

That pain is so worse and now the husband has to take care of the children alone. It is really difficult indeed.

That is what Kgomotso Diale, the husband of the late TV presenter, Angie Diale is going through.

Yesterday on Wednesday, it was her funeral which was held at Grace Bible Church in Soweto, Johannesburg. Family and friends gathered at a church to bid their final farewell to the TV host and HIV activist, Angie Diale.

Last week Thursday, Mam Angie succumbed to pneumonia at the hospital after being ill for a short period of time.

Her children and husband described her as a God-fearing woman who was selfless and carried them on her shoulders.

In a recorded message, which was in tsotsi taal, Diale showed how he and his wife were so loving and had a happy marriage.

He said that he did not realize she was going he only realized when he is looking at the puzzles for the past two months. Diale said his wife has been behaving really strangely as he could not even figure out she was preparing him for her departure.

On Monday, the week that she passed on, she called her family and told them that the 15 years that were asked before God has expired.

She then took the bibe, prayed for an hour and a half before she agreed of going to see the doctor on Wednesday as she was having shortness of breath. On that day, she was transferred to two hospitals where she lost her life. In the last hospital, she was admitted to, she chased her family out of her hospital room.

“My laaite, I’ll definitely going to miss you a lot, your smile and those lips tender as they were, I am going to miss it,” said Diale in a recorded message.

Lillian Mofokeng, the family spokesperson, said Angie fell ill in a short space of time. This happened in a period of two weeks when they thought she was unwell because of the weather pattern.


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