This Is What Happened To A Woman Who Was Standing Outside A Mall

This Is What Happened To A Woman Who Was Standing Outside A Mall

This is an incident that happened in broad daylight and it shows a cell phone snatcher doing his job, we have frankly seen too many of such cases that the members of the public are still in the dark about the operations of these individuals and how they conduct themselves.

The fact that no one is paying attention is concerning meaning that people don’t necessarily want to be safe or they forget where they are, despite the fact that you may be in an upscale premises it does not necessarily guarantee that you’re safe. In fact you must always keep an eye out in order to determine, and ensure that you do not get robbed by such individuals.

The incident happened very quickly because the woman was standing outside seemingly awaiting transport and the suspect somehow managed to steal the phone right out of her hand, she did manage to try to fight for it but the battle was quickly lost.

She did not expect something like this to be happening meaning that the man already had his sights on her and the plan was already launched, in what they were going to do to her or how they were going to steal the phone and get away with it.

This is their modus operandi and they’re always travelling in these rented vehicles in order to ensure that whatever happens they can always abandon the car because they know that they will completely get away and they will not incur any loses.

They don’t have to be driving or doing anything along those lines and that is what is making a lot of people wonder to themselves about the situation that we find ourselves involved in, when it comes to such individuals.

Anyway, a lot of people are putting out the information so that we can look out for the suspect, and ensure that we avoid situations where we are also getting caught up in their criminality and this is simply something that everyone has to learn in order to survive in this country.

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