“This Is The Best Way To Deal With Racists.” People React To The Beating Of A Racist By A Black Man.

“This Is The Best Way To Deal With Racists.” People React To The Beating Of A Racist By A Black Man.

This is a question that is commonly raised. If we are all members of the human race, why do people act in racist ways? After all, humans do not differ biologically from one another. No race has superiority over another. Each of us is the same. But white people think they are different from others, especially black people. Thanks to technology because there is evidence captured while they attacked blacks for no reason. I wonder what we do to these people for them to hate and hurt us so much.

ImageJust like this video shared on social media of a white racist guy who attacked three black men who he was riding with in a train, according to the video, the white man was standing next to the door, facing towards where the black men were seated, and out of the blue he started shouting and accusing the black men, saying they stole something this morning, and continued asking, “What did you steal this morning?” And then he said the word “black” out loud. He said that they do not belong in his place because it is dominated by white people. The black men felt threatened and tried to defend themselves, though he kept on reminding them that they are black.

While he was busy shouting, other white ladies jumped in on the conversation and asked the racist, “What’s everything got to do with them being black?” and he told them to back off. Suddenly, the train stopped, and it was time for the three black men to get off at their final destination. When they got to the door, they were so enraged by the racist’s words that one of the black men smacked him across the face, causing him to fall and sleep for a moment; the white ladies laughed at him and told the black guys that they did great by beating him, and they walked out.

The video was reached by many and Twitter users were pleased to see the racist being callout by his own folks and being punished by the black men, saying this is how people should handle racist.


Watching the video, it tells me that not all white people are racists. Big ups to the white ladies who called out one of their own. We can blame all the racists all we want, but it’s a shame that a lot of their attitudes are shaped when they are young. When their family members or friends express racist opinions, it’s common for them to take those views on themselves. That is the only problem with them; unless they do something about it, if not it will stay with them for a lifetime.

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