This Guy Sent An Emotional Text To His Girlfriend Before Dying, Read The Text That Made Her Cry RIP

This Guy Sent An Emotional Text To His Girlfriend Before Dying, Read The Text That Made Her Cry RIP

Messages of condolences are pouring for Nomzamo Sibiya, she lost her life at the hands of a serial killer. To make the matters worse the police are yet to make any arrests at the moment, she was raped before she was killed.

South Africa is not safe at all at the present moment, further 2 bodies of women were found in two different incidents within the week.

It seems like in Kwa Zulu Natal we’re not only dealing with a serial rapist the man is also a serial killer and he’s on the run as I’m currently writing this article.

Her lifeless body was found on Sunday, while the second body was found yesterday. Ladies, please be careful when you’re going out the rate of femicide in our country is on a different level it’s another pandemic we need to address.

Our condolences are with the families that have lost their loved ones.


Almost every month innocent ladies are being murdered, and we’re living amongst animals it’s starting to feel like sending killers to jail is not enough.

The man who murdered Nomzamo Sibiya has a lot of blood on his hands, the problem we’re currently facing right now is we don’t know his identity which is going to be very difficult for police officers to trace him.

He’s a danger not only to our beautiful sister but as well as the community he’s currently residing in. One of the main reasons why people are seeking death sentences to be implemented in South Africa, we have criminals who tend to think they’re above the law.

Our prayers are with the loved ones of Nomzamo Sibiya, may her beautiful soul rest in peace. She didn’t deserve to die, our ladies are not safe at all. South Africa is a mess criminals are always trending for all the wrong reasons.


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