“They finally managed to bring Ms Lindokuhle Sixaxeni home”. Teacher who died in China arrives.

“They finally managed to bring Ms Lindokuhle Sixaxeni home”. Teacher who died in China arrives.

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One of the hardest things to ever happen to a family is having a loved one pass away while they are out of the country. The costs that come with transporting the remains back to the country of origin can be too much, and most families would find it very difficult to pay the kind of money that would be required.

Over the past few years, we have seen so many people pass away while they are away in another country, and the families of those people usually struggle to bring back the remains of that particular person.

Well, Many of us might remember that back in September there was a young lady who passed away while working in China as a teacher. Her family had to raise about R400k so that they can be able to get her remains back in South Africa.

Well, it seems that the young lady’s family finally managed to bring her remains back to South Africa. Videos of her coffin being brought out of customs have been gaining some attention on social media.

In the video, the deceased family can be seen standing by and waiting for the coffin to be brought down to them so they can leave with the remains.



After so many months, it seems like the young lady will finally be given a proper burial, and will be laid to rest by her family, instead of her body being forgotten somewhere in China where she has no family or friends.

A lot of people in the comments of the video thought that it was sad that her coffin was not being treated with respect as her coffin was brought out of the cargo area. Some were just glad that their family will get the opportunity to say their last goodbyes.

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