The untouchables of South Africa, Dear SA your country is gone

The untouchables of South Africa, Dear SA your country is gone

It seems that still the Somalians after their display of power on the part of one of South African towns they remain untouchable and nothing is being done about it. The parts pf Gqeberha in the KwaZulu-Natal it seems the fight that occurred during that time it was about a Somalian and some taxi drivers as they confronted him and burnt his Audi car.

That was when all hell broke loose and the Somalians joined into rescue and fight for one of their on. Here is a picture of the post as South Africans have lost faith in their life’s and they no longer feel safe in their own country, they now call the Somalians the untouchables.

The fight that occurred resulted in 8 taxis being burnt down and one Somalian shop also burnt to the ground as far as the news goes no arrests have been made due to the disruption and vandalism of properties. The township of Gqeberha is owned by 90% of Somalians as they are street vendors and their shop’s supermarkets is what make up the township.

On the videos trending the Somalians were spotted carrying guys that are way scarier than what the South African policies carry.

They have taken control of one of the South African towns and they are foreigners, it seems more trouble will still brew in even though there is peace in the streets as the police are still patrolling the area. South African people fought for their freedom during the apartheid era now it seems their country is being ruined and controlled by foreigners South Africa will never be free.

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