The truth is out this is the reason why a teacher was shot and killed near school entrance in GP

The truth is out this is the reason why a teacher was shot and killed near the school entrance in GP


A teacher was shot and killed not so long ago near the school entrance at Phomolong secondary school in Tembisa, Gauteng.

At this point, the circumstances surrounding her murder remain unknown. services are on the scene.

Charity begins at home.

Let’s stop harboring criminals.

Let’s not raise our sons and daughters to hate.

Normalize knowing what kind of child you are raising so you can start helping him or her to not fall into ungodly behavior. Guys, everything our government failed the nation, our parents also failed. If we don’t discipline and teach our children the right things, things like this do happen. Teachers of our day failed to understand our background. They talk the way they like instead of motivating the kids.

Sometimes these teachers can frustrate you in school till you lose concentration. Teachers must learn to treat students equally. I still remember how in my school I was mocked by a teacher for not having school shoes. Sometimes she would send me out of the class for not wearing school shoes. She would make fun of my background in class. She reduced me to zero. If I got a gun, I would go and shoot her 10 times. She ruined my future because I stopped schooling because every time she made fun of me. I’m sorry if off-topic, but that teacher was not in charge of all his subjects. I tell you, she or he must have contributed a lot to that guy. Even my younger brother stopped school because of his class teacher. He would complain that his teacher hated him so much he didn’t feel comfortable in school anymore. Then he would pretend to go to school and find a place to hang out before we noticed it was too late. He failed. If you guys like come beat me, I’m in my house. A Facebook follower said




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