The murder of Ramaphosa’s allay Barbita, confesses to the crime: SANDF member traced down as well

The murder of Ramaphosa’s allay Barbita, confesses to the crime: SANDF member traced down as well

There has been a man hunt for the person who is responsible for the assassination of the former spokesperson of Cyril Ramaphosa. Barbita was gunned down just outside her home. She was laid to rest on Friday the 27th of August 2021. Reports came out that several suspects have been apprehend in connection with her murder. This was a well oiled orchestrated mission. Some individuals do not want to be exposed for their corruption deeds.

After the murder of Barbita Deokaran, the financial director of the Gauteng Health Ministry, investigators were able to trace the vehicle of a former member of the South African Defense Force living in the Pretoria area.

Some of the seven suspects arrested for the murder of Gauteng health officer Barbita Deokaran have reportedly confessed to the crime. Barbita Deokaran, a corruption spoiler in the Gauteng health department, was followed by the alleged killer for more than a month. See the source image

Later this week there were only three sunny days, followed by a maze of closed-circuit cameras, which reconstructed his escape route and led to his arrest. On August 23, Deokalan was killed in front of her home in Winchester Hills, Gauteng, and the killer was arrested four days later. See the source image

At 8 o’clock in the morning, she sent her daughter to school and returned. When she parked in front of her house, an unmarked white BMW parked next to her car and fired multiple bullets at her car. She later died in the hospital.

After the incident, the neighbor reported to the police that he had seen the same BMW three times in front of Deokaran’s house. Residents took photos of houses, neighbors took photos of cars and wrote down license plate numbers. Importantly, this information allows investigators to track a former member of the South African Defense Force who lives in the Pretoria area in the rear of the vehicle.

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When Deokaran died, she was investigating fraudulent Covid-19 contracts at GDoH. Her evidence and investigative affidavit are part of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) investigation into the bid scandal. A Deokaran colleague who asked not to be identified said that Deokaran had worked with SIU before Covid-19 and the department’s tender personal protective equipment was corrupt, indicating that at least exposed Ministry of health personnel and illegal activities. the last ten years.

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According to this colleague, as CFO, Deokaran was the “smoking gun” and could defeat senior officials with traces of paper. Deokaran’s decision to clean the house will also show a web of corruption, requiring a “union” to facilitate paperwork at all stages of the approval process and install flexible employees in the department who may be under pressure or involved in transactions.




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