The Mom of one of the teens that died at Enyobeni speaks out ‘We did not send our children to the tavern

The Mom of one of the teens that died at Enyobeni speaks out ‘We did not send our children to the tavern

21 youths killed at an East London tavern, including Inathi Nkani.

Imagine losing your child and having strangers ridicule your parenting. All blaming you for your child’s death.

This is how Noluthando Nkani feels after her son died at Enyobeni Tavern in East London. Her 18-year-old daughter Inathi.

“Abantwana bethu pha” (we did not send our children there). It’s hurtful when people act as if we’re neglectful parents who want our kids to die at a bar. Abantwana baphume ezandleni (we discipline them but they go off track).

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“Like me, some bereaved parents are single parents. I’m single. I do my best for my three kids. I had high hopes for my last child, Inathi.

Her daughter is kind, she says.

She liked family and friends. She was a nice person and well-liked in our neighborhood. She wanted to be a therapist.

Noluthando alleges Inathi left their Duncan Village home at 8pm Saturday night. She saw the grade 10 student last while with a friend.

“In 4am, her friend told me Inathi died at the tavern. This is made worse by her 20-month-old son.

Noluthando worries for her young family because they aren’t grieving.


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Nobody’s crying. Home is quiet. I guess we’ll need professional counseling after this because none of us are okay.

Noluthando (46) confirmed funeral donations.

On July 6, all the deceased will be buried in Scenery Park stadium. After the service, the bodies will be returned to the parlor and delivered to families. Inathi will be buried on Saturday, July 9.

“Thanks for your help.” The bodies are at Avbob because they offered to help. A church donated food, BCM provided free graves, and the ANC contributed tombstones. Noluthando, a general worker, would not have funeral money without donations.

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