Somalians Trending Again As Taxi Drivers Clash In Johannesburg CBD

Somalians Trending Again As Taxi Drivers Clash In Johannesburg CBD

South Africans are not happy with what is happening in the country, especially regarding the spate of violence being emitted in the taxi industry. Voetsek Ramaphosa has been trending since yesterday, as people believe that the inaction and slowness of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Minister of Transportation, Fikile Mbalula’s failure to address the problem is bringing in more calamities. Some people are saying that the failure of the government to arrest and discipline some Somali Nationals is a direct consequence of this Johannesburg CBD incident, where several hundreds of vehicles have allegedly been set ablaze. People are not very pleased that the minister of Transportation, Fikile Mbalula is yet to address the issue and take holistic measures in curbing these unfortunate incidents. Millions of dollars have been lost already and if not properly handled, more will be lost.

A Twitter user said that he is particularly angry with the administration of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC. Just less than two weeks to the local government elections, the violence in some parts of the country is becoming intense, saying that this may discourage some voters from participating in the voting exercise. Another social media user noted that “This JHB CBD happening is a direct result of the deficiency, ineptness, and shortcomings of an acutely incompetent ANC administration.

We’re in a state of lawlessness, people break the law at will because the state itself breaks the law at will.

The ANC will be the death of us all”. The most annoying aspect of this violence is that the taxi drivers are up against themselves, according to reports. One man who posted it on Twitter said, “What is happening in JHB CBD will be called “taxi violence” to censor what’s really happening to the taxi industry. I don’t understand why people hate the taxi industry so much when it plays a significant role for this nation”.

It is indeed a painful thing because millions of rand have been lost to the violence and people’s sources of income and livelihoods have been affected negatively. Violence is never an option in the settlement of disputes and grievances. This is undoubtedly what this angry South African lady is trying to point out, “What’s happening in JHB CBD shows how lawless and dysfunctional our country is. When Ramaphosa ends his term as president, South Africa will be left in shambles beyond repair! If you don’t see anything wrong, your problems are bigger than you think”.

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