“So Malema was right about Frazer working with Mbeki “people say after what Mbeki did

“So Malema was right about Frazer working with Mbeki “people say after what Mbeki did

Thabo Mbeki’s recent public comments regarding the ANC and Ramaphosa lend credence to Julius Malema’s claim that the former president is plotting with Arthur Fraser to overthrow the current president. This individual appears to be canvassing for the ANC Elective Conference in December.

EFF leader Julius Malema recently informed reporters at an opposition party meeting in Houghton that Fraser was conspiring with Mbeki to overthrow Ramaphosa. According to Malema, the ANC’s radical economic transformation (RET) forces are upset that Fraser has begun a case against Ramaphosa without their involvement. In response to Malema’s allegations, Mbeki has denied conspiring with Arthur Fraser, the former head of South Africa’s state security agency, to remove Cyril Ramaphosa as president of the African National Congress (ANC).

After yesterday’s events, former President Thabo Mbeki is now the target of criticism from a number of different quarters. At the memorial service for ANC veteran Rita Alice Ndzanga, Mbeki unleashed a new round of criticism on the organization. Mbeki has said that the behavior of ANC members has to improve. He went on to say that the ANC’s dwindling popularity is evidence that the people are unhappy with the party. Mbeki has said that the ANC continues to bring in the wrong types of people. “Mbeki claims that the ANC is not corrupt, but that it does have corrupt members. Mbeki has recently criticized Ramaphosa quite harshly. Mbeki said that Ramaphosa has broken his campaign promises to improve South Africa’s economy and reduce government corruption. He went on to say that this will lead to a chain reaction of spontaneous civic unrest and “start our own version of the Arab Spring.”

The public is starting to wonder if Malema was right about Mbeki. One Twitter user responded to Mbeki’s statement by saying, “So Malema was right about Frazer working with Mbeki.” Mbeki stated on Thursday: “On the other hand, we do have some good fortune. We can’t con the general public, and neither can you. It will become widely apparent to the general public who among us is doing dishonestly and who is terrible. The question “but why is the ANC keeping so and so?” can be heard throughout all of Soweto’s townships. It appears that Mbeki is making a veiled reference to Ramaphosa. The president’s demise appears to be a goal of his.




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