So he wants to kill us? People react after Kanye West reveals his plans after buying the earth

So he wants to kill us? People react after Kanye West reveals his plans after buying the earth

  Kanye West is an American-born Rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is well known for his 2007 hit single “good morning” and his unusual fashion designs. Kanye is also known for being the first rapper to become a billionaire. Despite his ongoing success, People think that something might be troubling Kanye.

Kanye is well known for his bizarre dressing codes and actions as people think that he has bipolar after his ex-wife Kim has left him. Now people are living In fear in the US, as they think that he’s planning on killing them if his plans of buying the earth do go as planned.

Kanye West made headlines A couple of weeks ago as he asked an interviewer how much the world costs on a podcast. He also indicated that he wants to buy the entire world and be “King” and his words left the interviewer in disbelief. From the video, the interviewer was mind blown and he just stopped and just looked him in the face, as he was in disbelief.

The interesting part of the podcast came as the video goes on and Kanye had to account for his plans after buying the earth. Kanye revealed that after he becomes king of the earth he’s going to take only the smartest people on the planet and have them working on mechanical bees. And those bees will go after People who are making negative comments on his decisions and kill them.

His words left many people in despair as they couldn’t believe that they will be killed by bees for having a negative attitude about his works. “So he wants to kill us?” One person reacted as he was looking for more clarity about Kanye words.

However, he was backed by a lot of people in the comment section saying that he might kill all of us because he’s bipolar and others were saying that the guy is delusional because not so long ago he asked the US president to let him buy the country and now he wants the entire earth.

See how people reacted to this video below:



I don’t think that Kanye wants to kill people after he buys the earth, No. The guy is just dreaming big as how rich people dream. It’s just that his dream went a little bit overboard because not even the richest men in the world could afford the earth.

What is your view about this matter? Do you think that Kanye can afford the earth? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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