Sinoxolo Has Sadly Passed Away RIP

Sinoxolo Has Sadly Passed Away RIP

Sinoxolo Gcilitshana is currently trending all over social media for all painful reasons earlier this week it was confirmed that he’s no longer alive.

He was one of the brightest minds to ever emerge in recent history. His sad passing was confirmed by the University of Free State they even went as far as describing his sad passing as tragic. May his soul rest in peace.

The University is extending its condolences to the family of Sinoxolo as well as his friends during this difficult period, right now we don’t have the right details.

As a parent it’s always difficult to bury your child, especially losing such a bright child who managed to change the situation of his home. He was living proof that in life if you work hard the sky is the limit may his beautiful soul rest in peace. He grew up on a poor background but made something special with his life.



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