Shoprite Put An Item On Sale But People Were left Speechless After They Spotted This: See 

Shoprite Put An Item On Sale But People Were left Speechless After They Spotted This: See

Shoprite has again left people speechless by their prices today for black Friday. Social media has been buzzing following pictures of Omo washing powder with a price tag that left people speechless after they noticed something so unusual. Today the whole country was on a shopping spree following the black Friday sale shopping deals at all stores countrywide. Stores were running shopping sales on all items including furniture, clothes, food and the list goes on.

Thousands of people availed themselves to the stores to buy things that they preferred. Every year during this time it tends to get busy. Meanwhile, people get to be happy by seeing sales they tend to forget to check the prices closely. Remember a special is supposed to make our lives easier and ensure that we save money, not for us to spend more money on a sale. Many people have been victims of stores selling them things at a higher price on sale than at the normal price.

Their happiness tends to confuse them to an extent that they fail to see things right under their noses. Shoprite has again left people speechless after their black Friday special prices for Omo washing powder. They made a black Friday price for two 2kg of Omo washing powder worth R100.00 both but each costing R37.00. This means that customers get to save money if they are buying the powder separately instead of buying on the Black Friday deals.

Shoprite used the style to confuse customers to use more money without being aware that they are spending more money instead of buying separately. We are making an appeal to the masses to always check prices at the stores before purchasing anything so that they do not end up being robbed. You can share your thoughts and follow for more news.



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