Shoppers Left Sh0cked After what They Saw At Woolworths

Shoppers Left Sh0cked After what They Saw At Woolworths

After finding it in the herb and spice area of her local Woolworths, a customer rescued a three-meter python.

Helaina Alati told that she made the ssss-surprising discovery while browsing the shelves at the Woolies in Glenorie, Sydney.

“I was browsing and turned to my left and there he was, his face about 20cm from mine, just staring at me,” she explained.

“It was almost as though he was requesting that I accompany him outside. It just so happened that I was the one who discovered it. He had to have spent at least a few hours there.” I didn’t notice him at first since he was hidden behind the spices.”

“It was quite calm, not at all forceful. I’m guessing he descended from the rafters. He was around 10 feet (3 meters) tall!” Helaina promised to save the slithery shopper because she was a previous volunteer snake catcher. She said, “I’m pleased I was the one who found him; most people would have freaked out!”

“I explained to the staff that I used to volunteer as a snake catcher, so I grabbed my snake bag and transferred him into the bush.”

While many people would have been freaked out to see a three-metre python in their local supermarket’s spice section, Helaina maintained there was nothing to be concerned about. She described him as “so easygoing and non-aggressive.”

“I don’t want to demonize these lovely creatures any longer!” According to a Woolworths spokeswoman, the situation was handled calmly and safely. The spokeswoman stated, “A slippery and uncommon customer was noticed in the spice aisle of our Glenorie store yesterday morning.”

“As soon as we saw it, our team members acted immediately and calmly to seal off the area for customer safety. The slithery customer was retrieved by a snake catcher and released safely into the woods shortly after.”

It’s unclear how the snake got into the business. Woolworths is thought to have put in place stringent animal control procedures and conducted a preventative audit of the store’s operations.

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